20th November 2017 / Zagreb

Technology Park Zagreb

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MEGATRENDS for CITIES - Jobs & Skills in Innovative Urban Ecosystems

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Lorenzo Madrid

The big issue is what we do with data. We need to take all this raw data and transform it into something that is useful for the mayor and for the city managers to make decisions.

Lorenzo Madrid, Senior Director - ICT & Smart Cities, Astros Systems Inc., Bethesda, USA

H.E. Eduardo Aznar

For the success of any project related to smart cities we have to have a full cooperation with local administration, strong cooperation with companies and research and academic institutions. Smart cities are developing a new mentality, a new approach to dealing with local and urban issues.

H.E. Eduardo Aznar,

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in the Republic of Croatia

Erica Bol

The urban environment is fundamentally different than it ever has been before, but we are still trying to physically define it in the same way. It is time to begin thinking about our cities in a completely new way. We need to come up with new dreams for the city and for its spatial translation that offer a long-term, cohesive, seductive, and strong perspective for future societies.

Erica Bol, Changemaker, Teach the future

Breda, Netherlands

Frane Šesnić

In order to create innovative business environment we need to have a holistic approach, which includes: city authorities addressing the challenges, building an information hub regarding innovation procurement and ensuring provision of solution from innovative SMEs.

Frane Šesnić, CEO, Development Agency Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Zlatan Car

We can define Smart city as a developed urban area that creates a sustainable economic development and a high quality of life during which leading to significant improvements in several key areas: the economy, mobility, environment, people, life and government. This significant improvements occur through the implementation of a strong human potential, social potential and / or ICT infrastructure.

Zlatan Car, Vice Rector for ICT at University of Rijeka

Rijeka, Croatia

Why Attend

Hear about the effective governance models as well as recommendations for further development of Zagreb as a new EU city.
Share experiences and knowledge on furthering the deployment of new technologies in Zagreb and beyond.
Learn more about the Future of Europe and role of cities with an emphasis on Zagreb as an innovation and creativity hub.
Meet the experts, government representatives, peers and business prospects from around the globe.
Establish your position in the complex smart city eco-system of software, infrastructure, utility, transport, healthcare and retail providers.


20 speakers &
5 moderators


Smart industry solutions &
business cases

Networking with decision
making units

Eco-system challenges under
one roof



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