Bror Salmelin

Bror Salmelin

Adviser for Innovation Systems, European Commission, Brussels


Bror Salmelin is the adviser for Innovation Systems at the European Commission, Directorate General for Communications, Network, Content, and Technology (DG CONNECT) where he is responsible for Open Innovation and Modern Innovation Systems. Actively contributing to the DG policies related to new instruments, entrepreneurship and SME. 

He is also currently managing the activities of the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG), an industry-led group advising on strategic priorities for open and service innovation.

As a head of unit he developed the concept of European Network of Living Labs, which is grown through EU presidencies to a 350+ sites innovation network for ICT intense services. Previously, He held the position of Deputy of the ICT Section in the FinnishTechnology Development Centre and served as the Finnish representative at ESPRIT/IST programme of the EU. Before joining the European Commission he was working in Los Angeles with media and technology industries.

Bror Salmelin is a member of New Club of Paris, Member of the Advisory Board for Innovation Value Institute, Ireland, and Member of the HLG of European Innovation Systems. He has an expertise in intangible economy and value creation, related to policies like innovation policy, productivity and creativity in particular focused on new service innovation.