Darko Nekić

Darko Nekić

State Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, Zagreb


2017 State Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration

2012 - 2015 External member of the Committee for Local and Regional Self-Government of the Croatian Parliament

2012 - 2016 Vice President of the HDZ County organization in Lika-Senj County

2010 - 2014 Law and State Lecturer at the University of Gospić, Department of Administrative Law in Otočac

2008 - 2016 President of HDZ City organization in the town of Senj

2006 - 2017 Member of the Presidency of the Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia

2006 - 2017 Mayor of the City of Senj

1999 - 2014 Lecturer of history at the University of Rijeka (Zadar), Faculty of Teacher

Education in Rijeka, Department for Teacher Education in Gospić

1998 - 2006 Curator at the Senj City Museum

1995 - 1998 Archivist and curator at the Sacral Heritage of Senj