Frane Šesnić

Frane Šesnić

CEO, Development Agency Zagreb-TPZ Ltd., Zagreb

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A CEO of the Development Agency Zagreb which manages the Technology Park Zagreb, the Guarantee Agency, the Entrepreneurial Centre and the Project Development Centre. Initiator and president of the Zagreb Forum international conference, the objective of which is to present creative developmental projects of the City of Zagreb.

Board member at the ICT Competitiveness Cluster, as well as the coordination team for the establishment and implementation of the BIOCentre project, an incubation programme for pre-commercial, research and commercial projects, including start-ups in the field of bioscience.

Prominent advocate of developing S&T&B (Science, Technology & Business) innovative infrastructure which would serve as a bridge between entrepreneurs and scientific, developmental and research-oriented institutions for the purpose of creating new innovative products for the global market.

Areas of interest include the development of innovation entrepreneurship, creativity, e-governance, green and virtual economies, as well as virtual currencies.